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Many of our landlords question whether the location of their property will attract short term guests, let us reassure you...

Morecambe Bay has been described as a “beautiful and safe place to live” with good national transport links, leading universities, and world-class restaurants and cultural assets.

We are so lucky here in the Bay, not only are we a coastal resort with amazing sunsets, natural landscapes and a beautiful coastline, we now face a future of massive economic growth.

The area has the third-fastest growing economy in the UK and it is the fastest growing coastal economy, with a 9% projected increase in population and jobs.

Employees at the world's largest wind farm off Walney, the East Irish Sea gas fields and Heysham Power Station provide a continuous flow of contractors completing regular, short term refurbishment and maintenance work.

Lancaster University, ranking in the top ten UK universities, continues to  expand and develop. They are aiming to increase student numbers by 30%. This will fuel the need for short term lets for contractors, visitors, staff, students and their families.


Exciting strategic growth projects around the bay include the Eden Project, which will need contractors as work begins and ultimately expect annual visitor numbers of 750,000.

Visitors are always looking for a more affordable place to stay when visiting the The Lake District. Literally on our doorstep, the world heritage site attracts an estimated 19 million tourists each year and generates almost £1.5 bn for the local economy.

To top it off, the Bay Gateway has provided fantastic road links to the area, we are just over 2 hours to central London by train and a stones throw away from Blackpool, we are perfectly placed and are attracting  investment and visitors. 

With the expected growth in the area, not only will tourist numbers boom but the growing number of contractors and commercial guests will also need a place to stay.


Short term accommodation has never been so exciting or opportune.







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